The SOMA Group was established in 2014 and encompasses the FARM, animale, a.brand, fyi, and fábula brands and, more recently, the Foxton brand, the group's only one for men. Our group's mission is to be the biggest and best team of fashion brands in Brazil, recognized worldwide for its creativity, energy, passion, and efficiency! ;)

The Carioca girl is the starting point because to FARM, beauty is here: in a happy, vibrant continuum in a live, colored, and patterned translation of Rio girls' souls. Oh! and that Carioca girl can live anywhere in the world, after all, being a Carioca girl is a way of life. Thus, since 1998 FARM has been betting that more than a way of dressing, it is a way of being. let us be!

Flowers, animals, dreams, music and laughter turn into colors, prints, butterfly dresses, strawberry sandals, and owl bags. "Fábula" clothes toy around with a habit of making up stories and with children's wonderful sense of humor. It wants to drive your desire to be a child no matter your age.

For over 20 years, ANIMALE, today with 76 of its own stores and 500 points of sale, has dressed Brazilian women with premium, sophisticated ready-to-wear clothes, and is a leader in design, communication, and distribution.

It all began in 1991, in Rio de Janeiro, when brothers Roberto, Claudia and Gisella Jatahy established ANIMALE, a brand with a strong calling for growth by investing in style, quality, and textile technology.

Since 2009, A.BRAND has been showcasing a strong personality in its style, one that is, nonetheless, both feminine and seductive, designed for women who love modern luxury at every moment of life.

The strictness in modeling construction, the design of the accessories and handcrafted details, combined with the precise technology, convey the secret code of fashion: exclusivity.

A brand that was born from the constant search for information and that believes that everything we know must be disseminated. We want you to play around with the clothes, to search the clothes racks for the "piece that was missing" in your relaxed, flexible, and even unmatched wardrobe.

Foxton was born in 2004, at the Babilônia Feira Hype. today, it is ubiquitous not only in the five stores it has in cool places in the city of Rio de Janeiro, from the Southern to Northern districts of the town, but also on the smartphones of restless young men who populate the brand's social networking.

OFF PREMIUM is the official outlet for the FARM, animale, foxton, a.brand, fyi, and fábula brands. Several pieces from amazing collections (which have just left the stores) are available there with up to 70% off. It is a chance to make sure you make the best finds at a more than irresistible price!


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